2014 Henry Toll Fellowship Application

A completed Toll Fellows application must include ALL of the following components in order to be considered:
  1. Letter of nomination: Applicants must submit ONE letter of nomination from a member of their state’s government.
  2. Letters of recommendation: TWO letters of recommendation must be submitted. These letters may be written by anyone you have served with in state government, anyone who has been impacted by your leadership or anyone in a position to evaluate your leadership skills. (Letters from Toll Fellow Alumni are recommended -- [Current Alumni Roster ].)
  3. Current resume: Applicants must submit a current resume. Resumes must be limited to 2 printed pages (4 pages printed front and back).
  4. Application Questionnaire: Applicants must answer the attached questions. Please keep answers to approximately 250 words or less per question.

Full Name:
Preferred Mailing Address
(from March - October):
Check one:
Agency and/or Branch
within state government:

Additional office:


Email address:
Confirm email address:
Alternate email address:
Nominated by:
Individual information: (OPTIONAL)



Please upload the following components: letter of nomination, TWO letters of recommendation, current resume and the answers to the application questions. Uploaded items must be have the extension .PDF or .DOC, and must be smaller than 2 MB per item.

Upload Components
Uploaded Files


OPTIONAL : Please list the email addresses of the officials providing letters of nomination or recommendation below. They will be emailed instructions to upload the documents to attach to this application.

  1. Name Email
  2. Name Email
  3. Name Email


Applications must be submitted or postmarked by midnight May 2, 2014.
Online applications are preferred, however, hard copy applications can be mailed to:

Henry Toll Fellowship Program
The Council of State Governments
c/o Kelley Arnold
2760 Research Park Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40511

All application and program questions can be directed to Kelley Arnold:

Telephone: (800) 800-1910
Fax: (859) 244-8001